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FIB- what does that even mean?

Art became an obsession at a young age.  There was nothing I wanted more in my life than art.  I carried a sketchbook with me everywhere. School, church, home.  It never left my side. I was always drawing. * Being an artist served two purposes: It gave me a safe place to work out my thoughts (I hid behind it- and behind my sketchbook)  It drew people to me Somewhere to hide that also attracted people... Seems ironic, surely.  But making friends was (and still is) hard for me.  Back then, I didn't think much of myself or my personality (luckily this has changed a bit). Yet with art, I could at the very least say I was an artist, and be interesting because of it.  If someone was interested in my work, I figured they'd be someone I could get along with because we shared similar interests.  It was a decent way to make friends.  Pretty smart for a nine-year-old.  * The reason I bring this up, is because I think there's something about ourselves that we all like.  Whether it be

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