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Music On The Square

Vendor events are quite scary to be a part of.  At least at first. Music On The Square in New Philadelphia was my third vendor event in the last two years, and I had a great time.  But the initial fear was still there.  Until I met my vendor neighbor. His name was Joey.  He was friendly and I enjoyed talking with him, and he helped me relax.  * Setting up was a fairly easy process this time.  I was running late initially, but was lucky enough to find a parking spot close to my vendor area so unloading was easy, and Joey was nice enough to help out.  Setup was easier this time around as well. I didn't bring everything with me.  By "everything" I mean the paintings I have hung up at the Artisans on Canal shop in Bolivar, OH.  My cars a bit too small to handle a 2' x 4' painting safely. 😅 But I still had plenty to show.  The event was from 3pm-10pm, so I took an old painting I had stuffed in my closet and worked on it to help the hours pass by.        I figured 7 h

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