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Imagine having a statement piece.

There's a story behind every one of my artworks.

My emotions often inspire them. 

But not all the time. 

Some artworks are created from fan ideas. 

However they're created, there's not a single one that doesn't hold a piece of my heart. 
My paintings serve two purposes:

  • an emotional outlet for me
  • a safe place for others

If I'm able to connect with anyone, my goal as an artist has been accomplished

There's No Place Like Home, We're All Mad Here

Original Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. 16" x 20"

A mashup between Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. One of my favorites of 2021.


Cool, Calm and Collected

Original Acrylic on Oval Stretched Canvas. 9"x12"

A piece celebrating the calm nature of women in the face of adversity.
No Prints will be made of this piece.


I Am Woman

Original Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. 2'x4'

An ode to those struggling with their body image. My message states, NO MORE; our bodies are truly incredible things, and nothing to be ashamed of. 

No Prints will be made of this piece. [SOLD]


Alone, My Shadow Comforts Me

Original Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. 11"x14" 

Sometimes in life, we go through trials that only we ourselves can resolve. A battle of will within our own minds. 


Lipglossed Lips Tell Lies

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. 6"x6"

A fun piece to reflect rumors from popular girls in high school. 

No Prints will be made of this piece



Original Acrylic on Canvas Board. Triptych set, each panel is 4"x6".

A piece I created to represent the feeling of having so much on one's mind yet having nothing to say.

No prints will be made of this piece. 


If you can't afford an original at this moment in time, consider supporting the artist by purchasing a print! 



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