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Balance of the Heart

5" x 7" Glossy Print

Original was a mixed media piece consisting of oil pastels, watercolor, colored pencil, and acrylic. It was then taken into procreate and revamped into what it is now. 

Death's Sweet Lure

3.5" x 5" Glossy Print

Death seems like the easy way to go. When our lives are overwhelming and our hearts feel as though it's going to burst from whatever pain we may be experiencing, remember; there is always greener pasture after a harsh winter, we've just got to stick through the storm...


Faerie Queen

8" x 10" Matte Print

Initially made as a thumbnail for Downtown Canton's chalk walk competition. I was sponsored by the museum which was a great honor. 


Embracing Divergence

10"x10" Matte Print.

The main prowess behind this piece was the idea to accept the duality of our nature, especially for those of us who struggle with Bi-Polar Disorder; the best way to control those emotions is to first recognize their existence. 10" x 10" Matte Prints. 


There's No Place Like Home, We're All Mad Here

Glossy or Matte Print (the 8"x10" is Matte)

A mashup between Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz. One of my favorites of 2021. The original is still currently for sale. (Check Originals Page)


Lady Blue

10" x 10" Matte Print

Made shortly after my grandfather's passing. I think of him often. We go about our daily lives as normal but feel nothing other than an aching feeling; it surrounds us.



8" x 10" Bordered Glossy Print

A school assignment from my high-school days and is still one of my favorite pieces. The original is still currently for sale. (Check Originals Page) 



4"x6" Matte Print. 

Just a fun character design I made. She eventually became a DTIYS challenge on my Instagram 


A Soul's Growth

8"x10" Glossy Print. 

They often say that eyes are the windows of the soul; this is a play on that saying. 


Pandemonium: My thoughts and I

8"x10" Print. 

Made in my time as a new mother at 19, going on 20., life at that time was overwhelming, confusing-- and what followed were chaotic notions that left me dazed at times.



Coloring Page Bundle

8.5" x 11" pages. Cardstock. Cute Designs anyone can enjoy.



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