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Current Mommy of 3, I was born and raised in Ohio, where at 9 I began my art journey and have been creating ever since. My art style consists of surreal tendencies, and ventures down weird, and sometimes creepy routes. To explain this, my works are often created during bouts of emotion; as within those deep wells inspiration often presents itself to me (although not all of my works are as serious). 

I created FIB in the hopes of establishing a safe place for others like myself to empathize with the most human, and sometimes unsightly, springs of our emotions all too commonly experienced in our day-to-day lives. At FIB, “Feeling Is Being.” I believe our humanness should not be rejected but embraced, as no one's perfect; we are all simply trying to be better than we were yesterday. 

It’s okay to be overwhelmed, angry, depressed. Happiness is an ideal we must achieve, not just something handed to us, and it begins with acceptance. 

I hope you enjoy my artworks -my emotional releases- and feel encouraged in some way today, and that you understand that you are not alone in your feelings or dark thoughts, and happiness is undoubtedly savored.

Skylan Rae


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